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New Taipei City Government Animal Protection and Health Inspection Office
Volunteer Worker Recruiting Guide of New Taipei city Animal Shelters
  1. Objective: help the shelters with animal adoption, cleaning and feeding, public education, promotion and adoption events.
  2. Qualifications
    • A volunteer worker should be physically and psychologically healthy, passionate for animals, respectful for life, enthusiastic about helping others, patient, free of records of poor conduct, clean and tidy on the appearance, competent at whatever assignment at hand, and willing to participate in volunteer works according to the applicable rules. Those who are experienced in animal adoption, marketing and business are welcomed to join us.
    • Age: 20 years or older.
  3. Job description
    • Help the city animal shelters under the New Taipei City Government Animal Protection and Health Inspection Office with the adoption of sheltered animals, guided tours, cleaning and feeding, canine socialization / dog walking, grooming, educational propaganda and other matters related to animal protection.
    • The works mentioned above are governed by the Animal Protection Act, Management Rules for Pet Registration, Management Rules for Public Animal Shelters, Management Procedures for Animal Shelters in New Taipei City, and Standard Operation Procedure for New Taipei City Animal Shelters.
  4. Service hours and location
    • Some of the animal shelters are located at remote locations where there is little or no public transportation or business activity. These who sign up for the volunteer works are advised to prepare their own transportation means, food and water.
    • See Attachment 1 for service locations.
  5. To sign up: fill out the application form (See Attachment 2) and mail it to New Taipei City Government Animal Protection and Health Inspection Office at No. 2, Ln. 157, Sec. 1, Sichuan Rd., Banqiao Dist., New Taipei City 220.
  6. Training: those who are accepted will go through the following training:
    • Basic training: the basic training is given online through Taipei e-Campus. New workers are required to finish the training on their own, print out the 12-hour basic training certificate and hand it in at the end of training day.
    • Special training:
      • The special training is designed to allow the applicants for the full knowledge about what the volunteer workers are doing at the animal shelters and make sure they meet the needs and expectation of the Office for volunteer workers.
      • The special training is a 6-hour program including field practice. Those who fail to attend this program will be disqualified for the training.
    • Practical training and professional training:
      • Those who passed the special training and are willing to be a part of the volunteer service group may further attend the practical training program.
      • The practical training and professional training program is a 6-month program. In principle, 2 service sessions per month are required and every session lasts at least 3 hours. The shelters will prepare for the program and its courses. In total, there will be at least 36 hours of training.
      • Trainees who display incompetent or inapproriate behviors may be removed from the program.
  7. Certification

    Applicants who finished the required training and passed the final test will be issued a certificate and accepted as an official volunteer worker of New Taipei City Animal Shelters.

  8. Dismissal

    A volunteer work displaying any of the following behaviors will be reassigned from his/her current position or asked to resign from the volunteer service:

    • The volunteer worker is found to have a poor service attitude or cooperation without improvement even after receiving warnings.
    • A volunteer worker is found to have illegal conduct that causes damage to the reputation of the Office
    • A volunteer worker is found to be seriously ill or suffer major disability in the limbs and may not recover from such a sickness or disability even after 3 months of treatment.
  9. Others

    The volunteer worker recruitment plan of the animal shelters under New Taipei City Government Animal Protection and Health Inspection Office and applicable laws apply to any part that is not specified in this guide.

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