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  1. Control from source and owner accountability:

    Put pet registration and rabies vaccination in good practice; encourage sterilization among citizens and pet lovers with specific subsidies.

  2. Shut down illegal breeders and reduce abandoned pets:

    Intensify the efforts on inspection and management of legal pet businesses and put a tight lid on illegal breeders to protect the interests of legal pet businesses and general consumers.

  3. "Animal shelters as parks":

    Make the animal shelters environmentally better and greener, grow more plants to attract insects and birds and create an ecologically friendly environment for less noises and unpleasant odor while improving the environment.

  4. Improvement of shelter quality:

    For hardware, increase the budgets for sheltering stray animals and improve medical facilities for our furry friends, thus improving caring and medical quality; for software, play music at animal shelters every day to keep the animals calm and revise the management rules for the animal shelters across New Taipei City to establish a sound sheltering management and inspection system while promoting a foster plan to take care of animals that are old, sick and young.

  5. Multiple ways of adoption and establishment of adoption workshops:

    Work together with pet shops, recreational farms, online bookstores and animal protection groups to establish adoption workshops, thus providing more convenient and diversified adoption service.

  6. Dog training for special skills, adoption instead of purchasing:

    Provide simple dog training based on breed personality and make them guard dogs for farms or factories, campus or home companion dogs and work dogs, giving them a fighting chance to be adopted.

  7. Happy Pet Adoption Hub:

    With the Happy Pet Adoption Hub, pet owners are given a cool-off period to think about giving up their pets; the pets that their owners are unable to keep will be matched with new owners without being sent to shelters.

  8. "TNVR of stray dogs and cats":

    Keep the number of community stray animals in control through “trap, neuter, vaccinate and release” in conjunction with clean feeding workshops and Xin Shi Qi Era (心食器時代) feed bowls; create peace between local communities and animal feeders through precision trapping.

  9. Implementation of "animal protection education early in life":

    Advocate companion dogs on campus and train seed trainers for animal protection, while including life education in the instruction materials of school children; encourage pet owners-to-be to take 2 hours of life education program and issue pet owner certificates at the end of program; promote pet happiness train workshops, animal protection and applicable laws and regulations.

  10. Digitalized pet business:

    Promote online learning of life education and develop online systems, such as pet search and adoption platform.

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